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Remember your true religion (Part 2)

30. October, 2014Religion and SpiritualityNo comments

Part 2 of 2

Different religions are equal in all respect:

There is also a possibility, that you may be follower of another religion not mentioned here. No matter what religion you belong to and no matter what your ways and means of praying God are, you must ensure to practice humanitarianism in your life. In case you are deviating from suggested path and not following teaching depicted in your chosen religion, you are not a true disciple or a follower.

Tree of Godliness:

Always remember that we all are part of a huge tree of Godliness. Trunk of this tree signifies humanitarian values. This is the main religion of all human beings. Branches of this tree represent various prevalent religions of this world including Christianity, Hinduism and Islam as major religions and Baha’i faith, Buddhism, Confucianism, Jainism, Judaism, Lamaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism etc. as minor religions.

Then there are sub branches, associated with each branch. Christianity has Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans and Orthodox etc. Hinduism has Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism and Smartism etc. And Islam has sub branches in form of Shia, Sunni, Sufis and Ahmadis etc. And all those people belonging to these religions are leaves of this tree.

God has created harmony in nature:

Now imagine that a leaf is grown on a sub branch of Protestant on a Christian branch. Will it hate, confront or pluck another beautiful leaf grown on a sub branch of Shia of Islam branch or an Orthodox on its own Christian branch? We all are such leaves living on different branches. These branches are originated from the trunk at the same level. Therefore every branch and sub branch of this tree is equal in all respect. As a result, all religions of this world have equal importance. None of the religions are superior or inferior to one another.

God has created harmony in this universe. Why can’t we maintain this harmonious behavior in us?

Almighty God is one:

You are unable to see roots of this tree. Tree is drawing its energy and strength from roots. These roots signify Almighty God. Every branch has given different name to these roots. They name this source of energy as Ahura Mazda, Allah, Bhagwan, Elohim, Ishwar, Jehovah, The Lord and Waheguru etc. But originally it is one and same power.

Here is an example. Now suppose you get a banana for your breakfast. Different people name this fruit in different names. And by changing name of this fruit, will its quality, taste or characteristics change? No way. Similarly God is one and the only one. Every one of us has given a different name to this supreme power.

Remember, we all are like leaves of a single large tree and those leaves do not fight one another, either with leaves from same or different branches. Then why do we people fight one another over trivial issues?

We all are equal in all respect:

In fact, people have confined themselves to the boundaries established by them. Boundaries are that of religion, caste, creed, language, color of skin, sexual discrimination and territorial regions. We all are equal in all respect. Blood running in everyone’s blood vessels is similar. Our bodies have similar systems. Then why do we discriminate?

Your current religion is with you for current birth only:

Always remember that your ‘name’ is given to this body you are living in. Similarly your ‘religion’ is given to you either by your parents or by you, for this human body. Prior to your birth, you were not having this name and this religion, which you are bearing now. And also remember, after your death, your soul will not carry this name and religion with you.

You are an eternal soul:

Yes, you are an eternal soul. This soul was never born nor will it ever die. It is as eternal as God. And you are on endless journey in this universe. You are not a body but a soul. Your age is endless years. You have always been an integral part of this universe from the very beginning and will remain in this universe till the end.

You are born in this body only for present human experience of approximately one hundred odd years. You have been born countless number of times and have died also. Every time you are born, your body is changed. Subsequently, name of your body is also changed every time you take a new birth. Similarly, your religion is also changed every time.

You change your name and your religion with every new birth:

In this body, you may be a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim or a follower any other religion. But this religion will remain with you as long as you are alive in this body. Afterward, you will again be a soul and take birth in a new body, with a new name and a new religion. In your present body, you are unable to remember about your innumerous previous bodies and equal number of religions. There is a possibility that you had been born in all other religions of this world. There is also a possibility that you had been one of the greatest personalities of yester years. Who knows?

Then why do you hate other religions?

As you had already been followers of all other religions of this world in various other bodies then why do you hate all those religions in this body? You were living in that religion few years ago in another body, you hate today.

Two categories of misled people:

There are two categories of misled people. One is hardcore people’s category and the other is ignorant people’s category.  In the name of religion of this physical body, some hard core people are so rigid that they mislead ignorant people of their community.

Fear is created in minds of people in the name of religious beliefs:

These hard core rigid people create fear in minds of that majority of ignorant people for the punishment from God for not obeying them and not protecting their religion. This fear is created in the name of religion and in the name of God. And these ignorant people deviate from the path of love to hatred out of this fear created by hardcore people.

But that is not true. Have you ever seen that roots of a tree punishing leaves of the same tree? Roots are God and we are leaves. God is rather nourishing us with His nutrition and giving us strength.

These ignorant people are also misled by hard core and rigid people that God will accord higher status if they are killed for the sake of their religion. I fail to understand, how God can provide special treatment to those they are spreading hatred and are killing innocent people?

These misled ignorant and hard core people are in fact working against principles of their own religion. They sometime kill people. And those killed innocent people were also sons and daughters of God and were living on different branches of the same tree.

Your religion is vast:

Such people do not know vastness of their existing religion. All religions of this world as so vast there is no need to protect them. Men do not protect religions rather religions protect men.

Limit of tolerance of these hard core people is bare minimum for all those people living on other side of their religion. Their rigidity is to the extent that they do not hesitate to attack or kill people from other religious belief. It is not fair for them.

And in this process if such hard core and rigid people are killed, they call them martyrs.

After death everyone will become one with the universe:

All leaves falling from the tree become one with the soil. This soil signifies the universe. Similarly every one of us after leaving this body becomes one with the universe. And subsequently once again born in a new body and a new religion and is grown as a new leaf on the tree of Godliness.

And this cycle goes on.

Shed your hatred and develop love:

I fervently request all those people of this world having involved them in spreading hatred and killing others in the name of their religion, please once again read scriptures of your chosen religion and know its essence. Knowing its true essence is highly essential. You will find that your religion is conveying you a message of love, mutual understanding, forbearance, care, share, tolerance, acceptance, trust and service. And once you are able to know about this essence, please teach the same to others belonging to your community. Tell them to come out of their pseudo religious beliefs of hatred and killing. They must proceed towards their original and true religion.

Come back to your true religion of humanitarian values.

God is waiting to embrace you at the entrance.

Love has immense power to unite you with Almighty God.

Keep reading and giving your valuable comments.

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Remember your true religion

15. September, 2014Religion and SpiritualityNo comments

Dinesh K Nagpal

Part 1 of 2

It is easy enough to be friendly to one’s friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion. The other is mere business. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness. ~ Albert Einstein

True religion is giving and finding one’s happiness by bringing happiness into the lives of others. ~ William J H Boetcker

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The aim of every human being is to understand the meaning of total love.  ~ Author unknown

The question is this: Is man an ape or an angel? I am on the side of the angels. ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Once we as humans understand that we are responsible for our own actions and religion does not give you a free pass to do wrong. The world will be a much better place.  ~ David Hutchinson

Until power is made subservient to morality, humanity will continue to suffer.  ~ Tasneem Hameed

Keep reminding yourself that you are human. You’re entitled to make mistakes; everyone does. And you will learn from them and use those lessons to improve your life. ~ Senora Roy

The proper function of a human being is to live, not to exist.  ~ Melchor Lim


Physically people are living close but mentally apart from one another:

We are living in twenty first century. Technologically, this is the most advanced age. Due to tremendous pace of development in almost every sphere of life, this world seems to be a small place. Distances have reduced drastically. Advancement in communication and aviation industry has brought people closure to one another.

From technological point of view people of this world are physically closure to one another, but mentally they seem to be living apart. Religious fundamentalism seems to be increasing at faster pace. Most of the people of this world are fighting one another in the name of their religions.

Practice humanitarianism:

Most of the people have tied themselves to a limited space of their religion.  It seems people at large have forgot that Almighty God has sent them on this earth to follow only one religion i.e. humanitarianism. Every human being is first a human being and later a Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or a Zoroastrian etc.

Do not hate or harm people of other religions:

All these prevalent religions were created by great messengers of God with sole intention and understanding not to hate others. Rather, they all wanted their followers to tread path of love and compassion. Every religious leader preached this world to follow humanitarian values. None of them have ever advocated that in the name of religion, there should be division among people. All these religions were created not to hate anyone and to cause trouble or kill those persons who do not belong to your religion.

Do not force others to join your religion:

Why do we fight one another in the name of religion?

Why do people want to increase number of persons following their religion?

Why do they want to increase head counts of followers in their religion?

What do they want to prove with this increase?

It is better that instead of increasing quantity better make efforts to improve quality of existing people of your religion. Those creators of these religions never advocated to forcibly or otherwise converting them to your religion.

It is difficult to understand why people from different religions are limiting their vision and making their mind so narrow. They are not ready to come out of their narrowness. It seems that they have completely forgotten their main religion i.e. humanitarianism.

Essence of various religions:

Followers of different religions must ensure that there is no conflict or confrontation in principles of various religions. But we find that people fighting one another in the name of their religions. This fight is because people are intending to change everyone else in this world except themselves. True religion is all about changing the self. It is not about changing others.  When you change the self, there is no conflict but when you try to change others, there are numerous possibilities of a conflict and confrontation.

What is a religion?

Religion is relationship between God and human beings. True relationship is similar to that we have with our parents.

Purpose of various religions of this world is to promote humanitarian behavior among their followers. Let us remind ourselves about very essence of our chosen religion! Teachings of some of the major religions are given hereunder.


Essence of Christianity is being like Christ.

When we say, we are Christians and we want to be like Christ, we must know about qualities of Christ.

One of the main characteristic of Jesus Christ was His true love. His love was perfect love. He immensely loved everyone living on this planet earth including His enemies. He said to his followers, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” He wanted that your love must not only be in your hearts but also be expressed in your every action.

Christ expressed His love by healing the sick, feeding the hungry and giving His life on the cross to save sinners. He was not only compassionate towards all but had a remarkable habit of forgiving others of their sins. He emphasized on seeking kingdom of heaven within you.

In case you consider you as true Christian, you must honestly follow His teaching in your life.


Hinduism is the oldest living major religion of this world and is more than 5000 years old. Tolerance is one of the most important and prevalent belief systems of Hinduism. Therefore, Hindus live peacefully and believe in coexistence of different faiths, sects and religions.

Central belief system of Hindus is depicted in two words in ancient Sanskrit language. These are ‘Vasudhaive kutumbakam’. It means entire universe is our family. Hindus believe in principles of universal brotherhood.

In addition, ancient scriptures of Hindu religion Vedas have four principal mantras.

One of the four says, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ means I am Divine.

And the other says, ‘Tat tvam asi’ i.e. Thou art that.

They see God in self and also in every other soul.

In case you say you are a true Hindu, you must always resort to tolerance and loving others as your family members. You must see God in every other person and therefore behave accordingly.


Islam too promotes love, compassion, mercy and understanding as part of every Muslims religious duty.

Holy Qur’an contains exact words of God as revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Some of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad are given here.

  1. The strong one is not he who knocks out his adversary. The strong one is he who keeps control over his temper.
  2. It doesn’t befit a true man that he should opt to cursing.
  3. God, the dignified has no mercy for one who has no mercy for others.
  4. None of you is a perfect Muslim until he desires for his brother Muslims that which he desires for himself.
  5. Look at the person who is inferior to you and do not look at one who is superior to you. Thus you will be able to appreciate better the benevolences of God bestowed upon you.
  6. The best of you are those they have the best manners.
  7. Avoid jealously for this destroys good deeds as fire destroys wood.
  8. God, the most High has revealed to me that you should adopt humility so that no body oppresses another, nor one should hold himself above another.
  9. A Muslim never taunts or curses or abuses others nor resorts to vulgar talking.
  10. Plenty of provisions or abundance does not make a person rich and wealthy. Real richness is the benevolence of heart.

You can observe here that Prophet Muhammad has categorically emphasized that you must have to practice humanitarian values to be a true Muslim. If you are a follower of Islam religion, make sure that you are following teachings mentioned in Holy Qur’an.


This article is dedicated to memories of my late father, Mr. H.G.Nagpal, who was born this day in 1925. He was living example of love and kindness towards one and all. Motto of his life was service above the self.  He always advocated humanitarian values.

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Alter threshold of your happiness and sadness

31. August, 2014Personal Growth and ExcellenceNo comments

Dinesh K Nagpal

“I love those who can smile in trouble…”    ~ Leonardo da Vinci 

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”   ~ Mahatma Gandhi

 “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” ~ Abraham Lincoln 

 “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  ~ Winston Churchill 

Everyone thinks of changing the world, But no one thinks of changing himself.  ~ Leo Tolstoy

 “A man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy.” ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn 

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.”  ~ Martha Washinton 

“If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.” ~ Cavett Robert 

“We cannot change our past… we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you… we are in charge of our Attitudes.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll 

“Were you born this infuriating?”
“It’s taken me years of practice.”  ~ Misty Massey 

If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you. ~ Author unknown.


Be careful at Social media while interacting:

This is the era of tremendous advancements at a faster pace and easy connectivity of people living around the world. It seems as if we are living in a global village. You have innumerous tools for instantly connecting with people related to you one or the other way. You have social media sites including Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and many more tools to connect with one another.

With increased and easy connectivity people at large remain connected with one anther most of the time and consistently pour out all their thoughts and inner feelings including that of love, hatred, anger and disagreement etc. towards one another.

Avoid criticism and making mockery of others:

This outburst of feelings has both types of effects. In case you are sending positive signals in form of love, goodwill, care, greetings, welfare etc, it leads to healthy and loving relationship among inmates. On the contrary, people who send thoughts of anger, hatred, confrontation, abusing, criticism, finding faults in others, this negative attitude results in a war of words. This in turn leads to strained relationship among friends, relatives, customers and colleagues etc. And cause of worry is that there are many more incidences of confrontation as compared to that of love and understanding. Negative attitude prevails all over.  And basic cause of this attitude is mostly due habit of intolerance, ego, pride including superiority and inferiority complexes.

Recently I heard an echo of similar incidence of confrontation among a small group of people of our family; they are very close and dear to me. They love and respect one another very much!!! But such incidences lead to strained relations. And such incidences happen almost everywhere in this world. And gradually we are becoming more and more hostile towards one another.

Give a thought before expressing your feelings:

Is not it most appropriate time to give a proper thought to curb this ever increasing menace?

At the outset, every one of us needs to introspect and keep a careful watch on our thought pattern. There is general perception such problems are due to attitude of people. And to maintain loving relationships, we need to change our attitude.

Do you feel bad very easily and happy with difficulty?

However, it is my perception that our threshold for feelings of good and bad are placed wrongly. People at large have a tendency to develop bad feelings very easily while good feelings are generated with greatly difficulty and are exhibited seldom. And because of this tendency, we get annoyed with one another easily and sometimes without any provocation or genuine reason.  Our inner feelings of anger, hatred, jealousy, ego, pride and selfish behavior overpower us so quickly and we are carried away with such feelings. These negative feelings are gathered over the years and are predominantly displayed in our behavior and various other activities.

On the contrary, feelings of happiness, love, affection, selflessness, caring, sharing, forbearance, forgiveness and gratitude take back seat and are displayed in our behavior rarely or with great difficulty. As a result, we seldom feel good in our various activities.

To find easy solution to problem pertaining to strained relationships, bad temper and ill will, you must learn to change threshold for good and bad situations in your life. You need to change definitions of your feelings of being happy and sad.

Change your definitions:

Make your definition such that it is very easy to be happy and extremely difficult to be sad. Decide that your good day is today because you are alive and are breathing easily. Stick to this definition and learn to keep you filled with feelings of happiness, contentment, enthusiasm, optimism and positivism very easily and effortlessly.

If anyone asks you a question, why are you so happy and enthusiastic? Your answer should be, “I am happy because I am alive today and breathing easily and happily on this planet.”

This attitude will help you living happily and you will always remain full of love and affection; caring and sharing; cooperation and understanding; forgiveness and gratitude and health and wealth.

Besides being happy easily and conveniently at the same time you must also resolve to be sad with great difficulties. It should be rather impossible for any person to make you sad. Decide a condition of your sadness and annoyance. You must agree to a condition that you will be sad only when you have lost more than $ one million in a day or if there is most unfortunate incidence happened in your life. These conditions of sadness will make it very difficult for you to be sad or down. And almost all the time you will remain happy and content.

Apply these conditions now:

All your efforts must be directed towards bringing these positive changes in your life. To develop this habit you will have to make sincere, honest, dedicated and consistent efforts. Every now and then, you must remind you of these new set of definitions. Write these conditions on papers and place them at different places including bedroom, dining room, kitchen, prayer room, washroom, cupboards, study table, work area, dash board of your car or any other place where it is visible to you several times a day. You can also make a wall paper of your computer, laptop and cell phone. Quite often repeat these conditions in your mind and resolve to stick to the same.

Within few days your habits will change and you will observe that you are one the happiest persons living on this earth.  You will always remain happy, content and optimistic person. You will also learn to make others happy with your attitude.

And there is no annoyance, unhappiness, anger, hatred, confrontation or ill wills in this world.

Love and happiness prevails everywhere.

Keep reading and giving your valuable comments.

In case you like this article, please forward the same to your near and dear ones.



Gift of Guru Purnima (Part 2)

15. July, 2014Positivism and Peaceful WorldNo comments

Dinesh K. Nagpal

Part 2 of 2

Care and Share:

Caring and sharing is a habit that is need of the modern times. Financial and social economics of this world is changing at a fast pace. Sharing has several economic, social and behavioral benefits. Sharing is one of the most effective tool for promoting selflessness, co-operation, trust, understanding and interaction between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.  Caring for others leads you to a sense of belonging. It helps establishing a bond of love.

Sharing in form of charity and donations has been the essence of every religion.

Buddhists consider charity to be of paramount importance. For them out of six tenets, ‘perfection of giving’ stands at top position.

Christianity also gives equal importance to charity. Christ was living example of kindness, generosity and sharing. He taught all Christians to share as much as they can.

In Hinduism, donation to the needy and underprivileged has been accorded high priority. It is also suggested that Hindus shouldn’t develop any sign of ego while donating. It is suggested to them that your left hand shouldn’t know, what your right hand has contributed.

Islam promotes a sense of brotherhood among people. And it has been specifically told to the followers of Islam that through Zakat, it is mandatory for every Muslim to contribute money and other things for the welfare of underprivileged and poor people.

For them there is one more form of charity, i.e. Sadaqa. In this form one can voluntarily give to others at his free will. In addition to Zakat, Muslims contribute through this form freely and with much more enthusiasm.

Jainism stands for selflessness and compassion. For them Supreme Renunciation is of prime importance. Thus they believe more in giving than taking. They are advised to practice four types of help/donations. These are

  1. Donation of food.
  2. Providing protection to the poor and develop a sense of fearlessness among them.
  3. Providing medical help and medicines to the diseased persons.
  4. Giving books and providing education to the students who cannot afford.

Jews are the most generous people living on this planet earth. They are the largest donors also. Judaism suggests to its followers charity in form of Sadaqah to the unknown people. As a result, every Jew regularly contributes minimum ten percent of their income. But normally it is given much more than ten percent by most Jews.

Guru Nanak was the first Guru who promoted Sikhism. He was a living example of charity and help. As a result, all Sikhs feel their prime responsibility in sharing their wealth with underprivileged persons.  They regularly provide food to everyone who comes to them. They also provide shelter to the needy persons. Sikhs always remain humble while serving others in any form.

In Zoroastrianism, charity is taught from childhood in the form of a prayer. It is said that for acknowledging kingdom of supreme God, you must provide assistance to the poor. Charity is in their blood. They are highly charitable in nature.

Thus it should be mandatory for everyone to share with others. Share everything and anything you can. Share your money, food, belongings, knowledge and time.  Help those they are in need. Develop kindness, humbleness and generosity while sharing.

Every one of us must be trained from childhood to share everything available with us.

To enhance habit of sharing repeat following affirmation several times a day,

“I lovingly and freely share all that I have, including my wealth, happiness and love, with others. By sharing I am receiving more and more.”

Love everyone:

Emotion of love is the strongest of all in human behavior. Life without love cannot exist. Love makes you happy. Love makes you content and love makes you healthy as well.

Every religion of this world promotes love and affection among its followers.

Love shouldn’t be misinterpreted with physical attraction of two individuals of opposite sex.  True love doesn’t distinguish between people of different castes, creed, sex, color, language, religious beliefs, regions or nationality etc.

Learn to love everyone you come across in your life. Make sure that your love is unconditional and selfless.

In addition to mankind, love animals, love plants, love nature and natural resources.

Love everyone and everything.

Following affirmation helps promoting love among people.

“I radiate pure, unconditional and selfless love and I get the same in multiple forms.”

Keep smiling and spreading happiness:

Happiness is a matter of choice. It is our attitude that is decisive factor in making us happy. Hence, we must strive to create such an attitude that is conducive in making us a happy and content person.

Happiness has nothing to do with material objects. It comes with feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. Therefore we must ensure to maintain inner peace in various circumstances of life.

Smiling and happiness go hand in hand. Keep smiling to enhance level of your happiness. Smile is very simple but has great effect. Someone has rightly said, “Frown and you frown alone, but smile and the whole world smiles with you.”

Smile improves your appearance. Smile brings you closure to good health, more wealth, happiness, success, peace and helps winning friends.

Smile and happiness are contagious. When you are happy and are smiling, it changes mood of others present around you and makes them happy. A smiling person brings happiness in the atmosphere.

Smiling has therapeutic benefits as well. It releases highly beneficial hormones namely endorphins and serotonin in the brain. These are natural drugs. Smiling at a greater degree turns to laughter. Someone has rightly said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” So keep smiling and laughing and maintain happiness.

Repeat following affirmation for your happiness,

“My happiness and contentment brings me more and more happiness and contentment for now and always.”

These are five suggestions I have received from Guru for practicing and promoting in this world. And these are suggested in all religions of this world and therefore could be practiced by one and all, without any reservation.

I dedicate this article to my late father, Shri H.G.Nagpal, who was living and vibrant example of all above principles. And today is his death anniversary. I have inherited these qualities and now want to practice what learnt from my father.

Keep giving your valuable suggestions.

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Gift of Guru Purnima

12. July, 2014Positivism and Peaceful WorldNo comments

Dinesh K. Nagpal

Part 1 of 2

Dear friends,

I have been away from this blog for more than a year. During this period most of my time has been used in search of positivism.  Now I am back and hope to continue writing for this blog.

Today, Hindu’s all over the world are celebrating Guru Purnima. This day is celebrated on a full moon day at the end of summer month of Ashadh. It normally falls in July every year.

This day is devoted to thank Guru, the teacher.

Guru Purnima is significant because Hindu’s learn the essence of life from their teachers and also pay due respect to them.

Nature has given human beings capacity to evolve beyond all limitations provided he is willing to strive. And Guru is one who helps you lead to the path of enlightenment. This day has special significance as it greatly helps opening of possibilities for human beings to evolve consciously.

Because Hindu’s have a tradition of giving paramount importance to their spiritual as well as academic teachers, they equate guru  with the God and are consider him as a link between a person and the Almighty.

I consider Almighty God as my Guru and my mentor. Right from this morning I was seeking His blessing and was looking forward for His help learning the art of promoting positivism and establishing happiness and peace in this world for which I have been striving hard and working for several years.  Today almost at the end of the day, He sent me Cosmic Vision. In a flash He filled my mind with instructions. It seems on this auspicious day, I got this knowledge from the Adi Guru, the very first Guru of this world.

And thus the ‘Art of Positive Consciousness’ is evolved today.

To begin with He has given me a five point program to be established in this world. This is for bringing happiness and peace in lives of people at large.

Following instructions are received by me. These must be practiced by every person living on this planet.

  1. Be Grateful.
  2. Practice Forgiveness.
  3. Practice Caring and Sharing.
  4. Love everyone.
  5. Keep Smiling and spreading Happiness.



Gratefulness has been considered as a master key that has capability to open your door of good health, more wealth, happiness, success, peace and several other positive circumstances in your life.

All religions of this world including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism etc. have strongly advocated gratefulness for their followers.

It is suggested to be thankful to everyone and everything that has made a positive difference in your life, directly and indirectly.

Be thankful to the Almighty God, Super power, nature or whom you believe in. Be thankful that you are living here in this world and are in good condition. Be thankful for your physical and mental health, good family, education and skills, job and financial security, decent life, your assets, your belongings and for many gifts of life. Be thankful that you are leading far better life as compared to billions others living on this planet.

Be thankful to your parents and other family members, your relatives, friends, colleagues. Extend your thankfulness to your employer, customers, vendors, coworkers and all those they are helping you for your livelihood.

Be grateful to each and everyone who is making your life comfortable and helping you. They can be a driver, servant, attendant, maid, nanny, domestic helps etc.  You should learn to be thankful to the ones, who are supplying you grocery, food items and household goods, electricity, water, gas, telephony, mobile services, internet providers, media and many more.

Be thankful to the governments at various levels, various government and non government agencies, police, armed forces and several others who are working day in and day out for your welfare and comfort.

You must also be grateful for countless number of people who are serving you, directly and indirectly. They include farmers, producers, transporters, agents and many more spread all over the world. Governments and people of various countries also deserve your thankfulness.

In fact, you must develop a habit of exhibiting gratefulness to entire mankind, to your pets, to animals that are providing you milk and other products. Be thankful to all those animals which are sacrificing their lives and providing you food and subsequently health.

You can also add to your list, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, Nature, plants for giving you life.

In addition, you must also learn to be thankful for various negative situations in your life including difficulties, problems, financial constrains, failure in life, ill health and to those they have betrayed you and troubled you. These situations help you in life in various ways.

The list is endless. You can explore many more avenues of thankfulness.

Every moment of your life should be filled with gratefulness.

You can repeat following affirmation for exhibiting your gratefulness. Repeat the same as many time as it is convenient.

“From the deep of my heart and soul, I am grateful to everyone and everything for making my life beautiful.”



Like gratefulness, habit of forgiveness has been at the core of all those religions of this world. Forgiveness is considered one of the most courageous acts of human nature.

There are different aspects of forgiveness.

1.       Forgive the self for all your negative and detrimental actions against mankind, animal and plant kingdoms and against nature. But, you must promise yourself for never ever repeating such acts in your life again that disturbs harmony of this universe.

2.       Forgiving all others for their misdeeds and negative actions against you and forget those acts forever.

3.       Seek forgiveness from everyone else by accepting your past mistakes and misdeeds and look for atonement.  And at the same time promise the self for never repeating those misdeeds again in your lifetime. Also seek forgiveness from the God, Super power, nature and all those unseen powers who are making your life possible.

From the moment of following this principle of forgiveness, start practicing purity of thoughts.

Forgiveness is one of the finest gifts; you are giving to you and to this world. Keep on adhering to this system and never deviate from this path.

Repeat following affirmation five times a day for promoting habit of forgiveness.

“I lovingly forgive and forget the self and everyone else who has ever offended, hurt me or worked against my interest. I also seek forgiveness from everyone and everything for all my misdeeds. I promise not to repeat again my negative actions.”

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Dr. Dinesh K. Nagpal

He has been studying and practicing The Art and Science of Positivism for over 35 years. His zest for gathering ancient knowledge based on Vedas, Upanishads and other Hindu scriptures, which are full of living life in totality, for the benefit of mankind, brought him laurels. The motto of his life is ‘Caring and Sharing is the essence of life.’

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